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The Cat House is a Cat Lounge and cat themed  Arts Centre & Art Gallery in Norwich, offering daily workshops, clubs and events all to do with cats - a cat lovers paradise, with plenty of (mostly rescue) cats to cuddle - please note our cats are not for rehoming, The Cat House is their permanent home. We do help local people to rehome their cats though, so check our socials for info.

We are similar to a cat café, but we don't serve savoury food, just quality drinks and sweet treats. We look forward to meeting you!

Quick info: ages 10 plus only, max 2 under 16's per adult. Yes we do have a car park and yes we sell gift vouchers on the booking pages.

The Cat House is a calm environment. Please instruct children to remain calm and respectful of the cats and other guests, thanks! 

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Please note: ages 10 and upwards only (no babies either)

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We have set up an Amazon wish list for those of you who have asked about helping out and treating the cats, thanks so much! Just click on the Amazon logo for details.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to connect people with cats!

Our Core Values

Our cats are our main priority

Everything we do is for the cats’ benefit, no question. Every decision we make, all our actions, protocols and procedures, and everything that goes on at The Cat House – all these are ultimately for the cats and their health, happiness, safety and enrichment.

Contentment is key

If our cats are content, then so are we, and so are you.

We aim for a welcoming, friendly, relaxed environment for all, full of smiles, laughter, comfort, connection and sharing.

We always do the right thing, and we do it well

This basically means:

1) We follow our own protocols developed through training, practice, experience and understanding,

2) We adhere to lawful practice and procedures. We are fully licensed, insured and trained as required.

3) We aspire to be good at everything we do and to ensure this translates into the best experiences for our cats and our human visitors.

A Little Bit About Sarah...

My name is Sarah. I am an artist and have lived in Norwich for 24 years - I am the dreamer of this dream, the creator of this creation. The Cat House is the realisation of two years hard work, and the culmination of a lifetimes obsession with cats. I am so excited to bring this passion project of mine to life, to share it with you all, and to help all the dear rescue cats of Norfolk.

If I can facilitate connections between cat lovers and rescue cats, offering comfort to all, within a beautiful creative space, then I will know my mission is accomplished. I look forward to meeting you all!


introducing team cat:

We are a small but dedicated team of cat lovers, each with a specialist skill set, adding to the team effort. Together we keep the cats happy and healthy, keep the café clean and well stocked, serve the public with coffee and cake whilst filling them in on every cat, maintain an interesting and inspiring online presence, network with local cat rescue centres, organisations and businesses, connect with local cat artists and keep up to date with the office admin too... and not forgetting to serve the cats' every whim!

Sara new staff photo.jpg


Café Supervisor and cat servant of the finest standing...

Sara loves the cheeky cats... and Dot is definitely up there with the best of them! 

A good match - two strong willed lovely ladies!

Vik apron pic_edited.jpg


Amazing admin and programming hero...

Vicki's real job title is 'Sarah's External Hard-drive' . She also eats dictionaries for breakfast, so watch out don't mess up your grammer, erm... gramma, erm... grammar!

Jam and Khamoon_edited.jpg


Social media and marketing efficionardo

Jam is a whizz on social media and enjoys making & editing videos, so watch out cats as you are being filmed! Staff too... eek!



Cat health checker, rescue liaison and book worm...

it's lucky cats don't eat worms, really...

But if they did they'd be buzzing as Breagha is our resident coffee-holic!!

Jade staff pic_edited.jpg


Chief cat servant cleaner-upperer...

with an eye for detail and a nose for lingering poop smells, Jade doesn't miss a thing! She is a kung-fu cleaning wizz!

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