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Our new venue
is now all cattified...

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... we look forward to sharing it with you!


The Cat House

136 Dereham Road, Norwich,

Norfolk NR2 3AF

Phone: 01603 336072

We have onsite parking for 18 cars.

Bus routes 23, 23a, 24, 24a stop at Adelaide Street bus stop, directly outside our venue.

What is The Cat House?

  • The Cat House is a heart-centred, creative venture with social aims. This simply means that at our core we exist in order to help others – in this case it is cats, and cat loving humans.

  • We do this by facilitating the rehoming of rescue cats by supporting their rescue centres via promotion and donations.

  • We care for cats in our Norwich venue, whilst offering drinks & cat comfort time, along with cat themed artistic and wellness workshops & events, to cat loving people, in an inspiring, beautiful, community minded environment.

Get to Know Us

  • The Cat House is run by a group of cat lovers who are also passionate about the arts, and good coffee.

  • Everything  we do and feature is cat themed and in their best interests. 

  • We eagerly connect with relevant local businesses, organisations and individuals to deliver a positive cat-centred experience. 

  • We welcome feedback, volunteers, donations, sponsorship and publicity.


Please click on the button below to book your visit - we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Please ensure you have read our house rules and booking terms and conditions before booking. We only accept children ages 10 plus. Proof of age will be required upon arrival.

House Rules

Please ensure you have read and understood our house rules before you visit. These are for the welfare and happiness of our cats, as well as ensuring you have a great experience with us.

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Please don't pick the cats up!

Don't chase, confine or restrain them in any way. Let them come to you for strokes, cuddles on your lap and play. Gently call them over, or go see them in their space and offer them your hand to sniff first.

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Children aged 10 and older are welcome the Cat Lounge Sessions when accompanied by an adult  (1 adult to 2 children max) and must be supervised at all times.

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don't feed the cats anything

They are already well-fed, some may have dietary restrictions and we don't want them to jump up whilst you are eating.

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feel free to walk around

But please don't carry drinks with you, or leave unfinished food on your table. Oh, and be careful where you sit as cats like to snuggle under cushions.

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don't disturb sleeping cats

...or those who are grooming themselves.

It's just rude ;-)

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No flash photography

It isn't enjoyable for humans or cats having bright flashes in our faces.

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respect the cats and their space

This is their home after all, so be gentle, respectful and thoughtful. Always offer them your hand to sniff first, talk to them gently, then see if they wish to engage.

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By entering The Cat House you take full responsibility for yourself and any under 18's you bring in ;-)

We reserve the right to ask you to leave if your (or your child's) behaviour is unsettling to the cats or other customers.

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no shouting, loud noises or running

Cats prefer calm, peaceful environments, and as such The Cat House is a tranquil haven for them. We hope you enjoy the calm environment too!

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Hand sanitisers are provided, so please clean your hands before you eat.

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be aware that cats have teeth and claws!

Our cats are chosen for their friendly natures. They love to play, but sometimes get excited and may scratch or nip you - they don't mean to.

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Silly talk

Feel free to talk silly to the cats! You won't be alone - we do it all the time and they love it!

Our cats are unique individuals. The Cat House is their home and they are free to do as they please, and whilst they are chosen for their suitability for the café environment and keenness to be with humans, they do have sleepy days and off days and so we cannot 100% guarantee that they will always be happy to interact in the way you wish.


As such, we ask that you enjoy watching, observing, and laughing at their antics, and enjoy their company in whatever form it comes to you during your visit. You are welcome to take photographs, and selfies, but please switch off the flash. Oh, and do share on social media!


Feel free to ask us questions during your visit. There will always be a cat nanny hanging out in the cafe, for your benefit and that of the cats. They will be happy to fill you in about each cat and all that goes on here.


Look inside the Cat House...

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