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 The Cat House Arts Centre

Cats are endearingly inspiring, exquisite creatures, offering endless opportunities for creative endeavours.  

 With this in mind we set up The Cat House Arts Centre and Felis Art Gallery - hosting and selling cat artwork, running creative and wellness classes, workshops and clubs and generally inspiring cat lovers with a whole host of glorious creative cat-ness. Most sessions are designed to be accessible to everyone, so come and have a go and make some new friends too. Our wide range of offerings are listed below, although not all sessions will be available at all times.

Click on the button below to be taken to our booking website. 

Workshops, classes & Events:

Prices range from £15 to £25 per class/workshop/event

1 workshops

We run 2 workshops most days; one in the mornings from 10am until midday, and the other in the evenings around 6.30pm - 8.30pm (or 7pm - 10pm for events). 
Here are some of the fantastic sessions we offer:


Cat Life Drawing

Come and sketch our cats as they pose, snooze and play. Learn anatomy, texture, scale and more. All abilities welcome. Come once, come weekly, it's up to you. Try a different cat each time!

2 hour class. Ages 12 plus.

First drink included.

art class photo.jpg

Cat Painting Classes

2 peaceful hours to come and paint our cats up-close and personal with an experienced art tutor. Mediums include acrylic, watercolour and pastel. Suitable for all abilities.

Come once, come weekly, it's up to you. 

Ages 12 plus.

First drink included.

clay cats photos.jpeg

Clay Cat Workshops

Gather with us for a 2 hour pottery workshop creating a hand-built cat of your own using air drying clay. You can take your masterpiece home with you. All materials and equipment provided. Wear old clothing.

Ages 12 plus.

First drink included.

2 workshops
taichi cathouse.jpg

Tai Chi Feline-Form

Tai Chi Feline-Style is taught by Cos Stephanides. It incorporates the basics of Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style, Qui Gong and Tiger Form, aim to generate calm inner peace of mind, the physical strength and agility of a tiger and the big heart of a lion.

This is a gentle class aimed at all ages and abilities involving slow but thorough warm up exercises, gentle flowing movements, mindful breathing and full body awareness. 

This is a 1.5 hour Cat House session with a 1 hour Tai Chi class followed by plenty of time for cat cuddles and socialising with other class participants.

Ages 16 plus. First drink included.


Cat Yoga Classes

A 2 hour session featuring a 1 hour yoga class taught by the amazing Abby Hoffman, in amongst the cats (so much fun!), plus plenty of time to get to know them & the other yoginis before and after.


Please bring a yoga mat if you have one (we do have a few) and wear comfortable clothing.

No experience necessary, just the will to have a go. Initially aimed at beginner to intermediate levels, with an advanced level planned for the future.

Ages 16 plus.

 First drink included.

writing class photo.jpg

Creative Cat Writing

Come and enjoy two hours of cat-themed Creative Writing in a warm and relaxing environment with some gorgeous felines on hand to provide inspiration.

 Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced writer, just bring along a notebook and pen and be ready to join in with some light-hearted writing exercises. We’ll be looking at cats in literature and creating our own – in poetry or prose, whichever you prefer. And don't worry you won't have to read your work out loud if you don't want to.

 With Lynsey White.

Ages 16 plus.

First drink included.

3 Workshops

Cat Board Games sessions

A fun filled 2 hour easy-going social session with over 20 cat themed games, from easy card games to lengthy board games,

plus jigsaw puzzles too if you fancy a go!


Come as a group, or get matched with others when you arrive.

Ages 12 plus.

 First drink included.


Health, Handling & Hygiene Classes

Aimed at ages 16 plus - perhaps new to cats, or first time cat owners - this 2 hour easy-going  session goes over general cat care and handling, basic first aid, common injuries and illnesses, as well as hygiene, nutrition, grooming and behaviour.

There will be time for questions at the end as well as plenty of time for cat interaction.


Ages 16 plus.

 First drink included.


Mindfulness Meditation

Come sit peacefully with our cats, stroke them, hear them purr, feel your body and mind quieten down and relax.

Breath with them, close your eyes and remain centred. Find your inner feline.


This calm 2 hour session includes time for cat cuddles, guided meditations and time to chat with other participants.

Ages 16 plus.

 First drink included.

4 Workshop
Giving a Speech

Cat History/Breed Talks

Come and spend a couple of hours with a cat on your lap, drinking tea/coffee and listening to an interesting talk on various cat subjects.

Meet like-minded people and make new furry friends.

Aimed at ages 16 plus.

 First drink included.

cat camera2.jpg

Cat Photography Workshops

 A 2 hour workshop where you will learn to take the purrfect cat photo, using your phone or a camera.

Our tutor is a professional photographer, and will pass on tips and techniques for snapping fabulous feline pics. 

Ages 16 plus.

 First drink included.


Cat Care Course for Children

A 4 week course each month, on Saturday mornings, for children aged 8 to 15 to come and learn all about cats in a friendly environment, learning how to handle, groom and play with them and generally build great relationships with our furry feline friends. 1.5 hours duration.

Completion of the course earns the child a certificate which then gives them eligibility to attend any lounging sessions with an adult.

(Without completion of the course the minimum age for entry to The Cat House is 10 years.)

 First drink included.

New and exciting classes and workshops are being added regularly. Do you have an idea for a future cat themed creative workshop? If so please get in touch, we would love to hear from you :-)

Felis Art Gallery

Our walls host a constantly changing array of glorious feline artistry from local artists. Come view them during the lounging sessions, during a workshop or when we have open gallery sessions.

Artists please enquire to show and sell your work.

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