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Our Cat House Cats

It is really important to us that the majority of our cats are rescue cats, as there are so many cats needing homes and we feel we can offer a wonderful home to the right ones. We fully endorse the adoption of rescue cats as a great option to people looking for a new family member, and as such we aim to help all local rehoming organisations to promote the cats they have that are ready for adoption, along with promoting information about the rescue centres. Occasionally we may offer cats for rehoming from our venue, if they don't settle in the café environment, and we have helped a few local families rehome their beloved cats when they needed a new home.

Introducing our amazing Cat House cats, all 20 of them:


Leo, Rory and Mimi

These siblings were rehomed to us by their owner who realised they needed more time than they could give. They are Persians, and were in need of a good groom, so we got on the case and got them trimmed and tidied by the lovely Rachel from The Cat's Whiskers Grooming. Leo is the cream boy, Rory the ginger boy and Mimi the silver girl. Rory is friendly and easy going, Leo is shy and Mimi is starting to be brave and is coming out to socialise more and more.


Gretel and Grayson

These sweet siblings were rehomed to us from a local family who had too many cats. They are the sweetest pair, who love gentle strokes and can play all day long! At first Gretel was the observer, a gentle girl who watched the goings on before joining in, however recently she has transformed into a girl who loves full attention and will come over to play keenly! Grayson started life as Grace... then we found some little hairy balls... so is now Grayson. He  just bowls on into the action, bouncing around causing merriment wherever he goes :-)


Stanley Manley

Stan is a beaut! He just loves a bit of rough and tumble - if you hear some craziness going on you can guarantee Stan is involved! He was rehomed to us after his elderly owner realised that Stan needed some friends of his own, as he wasn't very happy living with an older cat who wasn't interested in playing. Needless to say Stan is now the life and soul of the Cat House party!


Teddington Bear

Teddy is a hairless Russian Donskoy, similar to a Sphynx but with softer more elegant features. He is like a little dog! He follows us around, preferring human company to cats, and is extremely food and treat orientated - watch out as he will appear from nowhere if you as much as open a packet of crisps! Being hairless his body temperature is 1 degree higher than hairy cats, so he feels hot like a little radiator. He prefers a heated bed in the winter and loves the warmth of the summer. Oh, and he loves licking toes!



Babooshka is an adult Siberian Forest Cat. She loves sleeping high up in our cat-tree tops and exploring new spaces. She is easy going and loves a tummy tickle, rolling around on the rugs until someone obliges! She likes to keep an eye on all the others, mothering them and cleaning them at times. She is also very food focused and is always first to eat at meal times!



Cleo is a Russian Donskoy - a hairless breed originating from colder climates. Her mother was fully hairless, and indeed Cleo may in time lose all her hair, but at birth they are mainly rough coated. Cleo was born in August 2022 so she is still a youngster. Loving, loyal, super-fast on the cat wheel, brave and not fussed by anything, Cleo truly is potty! Oh and climbing curtains from floor to ceiling poses no problem at all!



Floyd (or Punk Floyd as Sarah calls him!) is a chinchilla Persian baby. He is floofy and funny and flops around falling asleep in the funniest places! He loves laying upside down gazing at the world askew even when there is busy-ness all around! He loves a belly rub, and on hot days can be found spread-eagled flat on the coolest concrete floor.

the three black girls_edited.jpg

Nellie, Dot & Pearl

These three sisters are bright and clever and cause chaos wherever they go! They are almost identical so wear different colour kitten collars: Nellie is red, Dot is yellow and Pearl is purple. Pearl is the feisty one who even growls at her own shadow (don't take it personally!), Dot is cheeky and Nellie is the softy. They are the youngsters of the group and will climb up and sit on your shoulders!



Sweet Gus (full name “Augustus Le-Blanc”) arrived in August, hence his name. He is a powerhouse of playfulness that keeps going all day! He charms everyone with those big blue eyes and the tiniest of meows… then pounces on your toes!

Gus is a Flame-point Ragdoll – his orange ears, nose and tail should darken as he gets older.



Romeo is our stunning European Maine Coon. He isn’t a rescue – Sarah had promised herself a Maine Coon once she had opened the Cat House, and here he is - such a majestic boy! He is very playful and loves carrying little toys about in his mouth. Check out his huge feet and long tail – he will be enormous when fully grown in a couple of years!



Khamoon is a young adult Sphynx cat. He was kept as a stud cat in a small room so is enjoying the space and toys available here at The Cat House. He is super friendly and loving and has made friends with all the other cats very easily. Khamoon is a mucky boy - we find his food all over his face and the floor after each meal! He has large eyes and uses them to spot the cosiest lap... but watch out he will snuggle right into your armpit and won't want to move!



Olive is a sweet tabby moggy with endearing charm. She adores affection. As a rescue, she – along with her companion Vinnie – required a little bit of TLC before they could make the Cat House their home. She has immediately settled in and made lots of new friends, both feline and human, and we love her lots!



Big eyed Vinnie had a bad flea allergy before he came to the Cat House, so he spent a lot of time at Hallswood Rescue Centre being treated. We are glad to report he is now fully healed and a very happy chap! His new fur is so soft!!

He came to us as a trio along with his good friend Olive.



Plum was a breeding queen who needed a new home after being retired - we were happy to oblige as she is such a sweetie pie! She is a lilac British Shorthair, aged 3, and is a huge bundle of love, enjoying human contact and being v friendly with other cats. We have spotted her playing with the cat toys and it seems catnip has an especially funny effect on her! 

Dave aged 6 months_edited.jpg

Coming soon.... Dave!

We have found our Dave! We were hoping to find a young ginger male that needed a home, and we did! He is currently at Sarah's house as needs to be de-flead, as well as have his vaccinations and get neutered. He is super friendly and super ginger all over. Around 6 months, although unsure as he is a rescue. We are hoping to bring him in mid to late December, so keep an eye out for him :-)

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